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we also provide SMS gateway which plays a vital role in Industries to have an access to information on the move. SMS gateway can send SMS from applications like SAP, Outlook, Lotus Notes etc.
Overview of SMS Application
Organizations today are facing several unique communication challenges: the proliferation of electronic messages across their enterprise; the need to provide employees, customers, and partners with consistent information; the desire to better equip information workers with meaningful information to drive informed decisions; and the mandate to control costs without sacrificing application availability, security, or reliability
  1. Send SMS from SAP
  2. Send SMS from SQL
  3. Send SMS from C#
  4. Send SMS from ASP
  5. Send SMS from PHP
Wireless connections
A wireless connection can be used to send/receive SMS messages if you attach a GSM Modem (or GSM phone) to your PC with a phone to PC data cable. The GSM Modem has a SIM card that makes it possible to attach to the GSM network. The major advantage to this connection is that it is easy to setup. You can purchase a SIM card and a GSM modem simply and get the system up quickly. To operate this connection the costs are low. You can purchase a prepaid SIM which means you will not have a regular monthly fee. The drawback to this connection type is that it is relatively slow. You can transmit/receive about 10 messages per minute with this connection type. (You can increase this capacity by using more than one GSM modems.) If you want to create an SMS service that will not send/receive a very large number of messages this is an ideal option.
IP SMS connections
Another option is to connect your system directly to the short message service center of a GSM service provider over the Internet. In this case you have a significantly better bandwidth (max. 10 000 SMS/ minute), but you usually have to pay a large monthly fee and it takes a lot of time and is hard to sign a contract with a service provider. IP SMS connections use IP SMS protocols: SMPP or CIMD2 or UCP/EMI. Our SMS products have an excellent implementation of these protocols.
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